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All Bruske Dust Pans and Broom Products 

BRUSKE ALL-PURPOSE WHISK BROOMS™ – a choice of outstanding cleaning tools that fit into any industrial or institutional application.

BRUSKE LOBBY BROOMS™ AND DUST PANS – provide the best of specialty cleaning tools that last and last.  These are the little items that get the job done at amusement parks, theatres and other public places.  They’ll sweep up light refuse or dirt from smooth to carpeted surfaces.

FOR PEOPLE STUCK ON CORN BROOMS – Bruske Corn Brooms™ are the answer.  They’re top quality, all-purpose corn brooms with wide sweeping faces skillfully fabricated into a one-piece wooden handle unit with an overall length of 56”. These Bruske Corn Brooms™ are the best corn brooms available – anywhere!

Bruske Products is a 100% Employee-Owned ESOP Company

Bruske Products is known for producing quality-crafted, American-made brushes, brooms, and sweeper brushes that last longer and clean better than ordinary floor products. Each brush and broom is designed, engineered and manufactured to last longer by using the finest materials.

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Public Works
Education Facilities 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Food Manufacturing