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RELEASE D’GREASE™ – is a completely biodegradable, super-strength, spontaneous cleaner degreaser. It’s an effective way to fight the high cost of freight, reduce handling costs and increase storage capacity. Release D’Grease makes a full 55-gallon drum of super-strength, spontaneous cleaner degreaser from a 4-gallon case consisting of two 2-gallon containers that can be shipped anywhere via UPS or FedEx.


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RELEASE D’GREASE™ – has ideal physical properties and exceeds most performance requirements. Release D’Grease™ contains no phosphates and has no Butyl Cellosolve. It possesses no flash point. It has no fragrance. It has infinite Solubility, low foam properties and the surfactant system is nonionic patented.

Bruske Release D’Grease PLUS

Years of wax build-up on floors, grease and grime on older surfaces, encrusted machinery or industrial equipment, grimy walls and kitchen ventilating hoods, furnace areas and vehicle engines – messes almost impossible to clean.  But now there is Release D’Grease PLUS, a non-ammoniated, biodegradable super-cleaner that works with water to dissolve years of built-up grease, carbon deposits, dirt and soap scum.  It’s safe on virtually all surfaces and vanishes when the job is done – gliding off equipment with a simple water rinse.  Great for stripping layers of wax off old floors, too!

Scent Away

Nasty odors make a lasting impression…make your company’s lasting impression be the sweet smell of success with SCENT AWAY, odor counteractant.  SCENT AWAY attacks odors at their source and in the air.  The concentrated, water-soluble odor eliminator actually alters the molecular structure of the offending scent, leaving nothing but the smell of freshness. 

Super strength SCENT AWAY is convenient – just add it to the housekeeping cart for a safe and effective weapon against the worst of odors: sickness, human incontinence, animals, pet accidents, sewage, garbage, fats, oils, fermentation, decay, mildew, cooking odors, fire, smoke, cigarettes, cigars, liquor, paint and chemicals.  Mix it into other cleaning solutions, rug shampoos or rinse water.  It’s non-staining so it can be applied directly to shower curtains, bath mats and dirty linens.  

Scent Away leaves a light, fresh scent that won’t offend even the most sensitive nose!

Lotion Rich

It’s the advice of the medical community – wash your hands.  When you wash your hands, you don’t spread germs, and germs can cause illness.

Employees and visitors alike will want to wash their hands when they discover LOTION RICH in your rest rooms.  LOTION RICH is medicated lotion soap that cleans gently and fights bacteria.  A moisturizing soap that feels good on your hands with no drying or chapping, LOTION RICH is effective even in hard water.  With LOTION RICH, there is no rinsing required…just lather and wipe!


“For over 15 years, Breakthru Beverage Illinois has been using Release D’Greaase in our floor scrubbers and various mop & bucket applications. Along with Scent Away, our distribution center is clean and fresh.

Your brooms and brushes are top quality. They GET THE JOB DONE!

Christopher Silha

Maintenance Supervisor, Breakthru Beverage Illinois

Bruske Products is a 100% Employee-Owned ESOP Company

Bruske Products is known for producing quality-crafted, American-made brushes, brooms, and sweeper brushes that last longer and clean better than ordinary floor products. Each brush and broom is designed, engineered and manufactured to last longer by using the finest materials.

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